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Audio enriches our experiences, turns our heads and grabs our attention. Great sounds make us feel emotions, so why are most of the apps and web sites we use silent? In this silent space, Loopdigital Soundscape wants to turn the sound ON!

Loopdigital Soundscape built a way for you to stream audio sounds to your apps and web sites to make them come alive.


With our headless cloud architecture we push sound streams to the edge of our digital world. Anywhere you are in need.

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Sound designers are experts at engineering unique digital user journey experiences with sound. Think of TV, Radio Ads they are creating emotions. Online we also have ads, but most of our mobile and web channels are silent. Silent scrolling…

Audio brand

Sound branding is proven to impact buyer behaviour. Your customers expectations are formed by ads and social media. You’ve got to create the same emotions using sound. Ads, visuals, promotions, and sound all need to work together.


Soundscape is moving beyond straightforward piped music to carefully designed and engineered soundscapes – mixing music with other audio elements, to create a designed experience specifically tailored to the occasion.

Match audio to your brands emotional values

Pay as you Go!

The Loopdigital Soundscape platform is built with flexible models.


Hire a sound designers to match your sound brand with your audio values.


Stream sounds we designed for you from our platform to yours with cost per click.


In our library we have access to over 32 000 tracks & 60 000 sound effects. Try it.

Get in For an Experience

Let your product speak for itself. The current emergence of voice and sound driven apps, smart speakers, voice assistants, and digital service interfaces forces audio marketing in new directions. Reach  consumers with new audio brand touchpoints.

About Us

Loopdigital was established 2021

Far up north in a coastal fishing village of the land of Sweden an idea for a technical sound platform came about during a remote meeting of brilliant minds around the world. Now that platform has been built, and ready to reach to the edge of the world, for you all.





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    Don’t stand still. 

    Get your audio identity with us.


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